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New Resident Evil Promotion: Escape From a Real Abandoned Hospital


Capcom and Zepp Live Entertainment are collaborating on a Resident Evil 15th anniversary promotion that has the potential to be scarier than the classic RE games.

Zepp's "Real Escape Game," a gaming experience where players find themselves locked away in a real facility and must escape, will be themed around Resident Evil for a series of events running from July 19 through August 31. Participants will have to escape from an abandoned hospital whose surgery rooms, patient rooms, and other areas have been designed to look like the world of Resident Evil.

The abandoned hospital you'll be escaping from is an actual abandoned hospital that has been converted to a film studio called Tamai Hospital Studio. The studio is often used as a shooting ground for horror movies.

Tickets for the event start at ¥3,150. Visit the official site for details.

Tamai Hospital Studio.

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