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Rune Factory 4: Leon and the Mountable Monster Minions


This latest batch of screens from Rune Factory 4 show two new spouse candidates, Leon and Lin Fa. While Lin Fa is just an ordinary girl, Leon is one of those spouse candidates who originally starts off as a monster. Marvelous AQL describes his monster form as "Mysterious Monster."

Rune Factory 4's battle system lets you form a party with friends from around town. You can take up to two with you. Your party members will automatically attack enemies, freeing you up to take out the monster spawning gates.

These townfolk party members may not be too reliable, though. Screenshots show one resident revealing that she has some business to take care of, and transporting back to town by warp magic.

You can also make monsters into party members, assuming you've first ordered a monster hut for your farm. As with townfolk, you'll need to first earn the monster's favor, perhaps by giving it some of the fruits and vegetables you've grown. Your monster friends will head out with you on your travels, and will also help with your farming work. You can also milk your monsters, and get eggs from them.

Some monsters can be mounted. You'll even be able to perform attacks from a mounted position.

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