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Mages/5pb. CEO Hints at Fourth Science Adventure Game Following Robotics;Notes


Famitsu Xbox 360 has an interview with Mages/5pb. CEO Chiyomaru Shikura this month. The topic is, of course, next month's big adventure/visual novel/semicolon event, Robotics;Notes.

Shikura made mention of a possible fourth entry in the "science adventure" series, which includes Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate and now Robotics;Notes. The framework for this is already running around in his head, said Shikura as he stressed that the "urban legend" that the science adventure series is a trilogy is something he's never actually said.

Players can expect a lot of play time out of the third entry in the series, Robotics;Notes. Shikura said to expect a forty to sixty hour play time, around the level of Steins;Gate. The forty hour time is for those who skip some of the voice sequences. The sixty hour time is for those who fully listen to all dialog.

[via Game Jouhou]

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