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Namco Bandai's Yoshito Higuchi caused somewhat of a stir over the weekend when he Tweeted that he'd be taking his 3DS to the upcoming Tales of Festival event, and that he hoped attendees with a 3DS would turn their system's SpotPass on. While it was possible that Higuchi was merely hoping to do some SpotPass exchanges with fans, some speculated that he might have been hinting at a 3DS Tales announcement.

Higuchi cleared things up with a followup Tweet today, expressing surprise that his Tweet was interpreted so. Said Higuchi, "I'm not involved in the new Tales games. Sorry."

While Higuchi is not working on the new Tales games, he has been heavily involved in the Tales franchise in the past as director of Tales of Destiny 2 and Tales of Symphonia and chief director for Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Vesperia.

Namco Bandai will announce a new "mothership" Tales game at this weekend's Tales of Festival event. The platform for this game has yet to be announced.

Concept art from the new Tales mothership game.

While only the mothership game has been officially teased, it's widely expected that additional "spinoff" games will be announced as well.

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