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New UnchainBlades Game Announced for 3DS and PSP


Furyu is readying a followup to an original RPG from last year, UnchainBlades ReXX. The new game is titled UnchainBlades Exiv (or maybe Xiv) and, like its predecessor, will be released on both PSP and 3DS.

Staff members include Nobuo Uematsu for the game's theme song, Uematsu's music group Earthbound Papas for music, Takashi Hino on scenario and Toshio Akashi for event direction. The game will have character designs from the likes of Yusuke Kozaki, Suzuhito Yasuda, and Kei.

Sinobi's quick report from Famitsu did not provide game or story details.

A release is planned for October 18. The original installment came out in July of last year.

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