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Anarchy Reigns Screens Show Who Put the Max in Max Anarchy

Plus, yellow Bayonetta shows off her new moves!


Platinum's latest look at Anarchy Reigns introduces us to the man who put the max in the game's Japanese title, Max Anarchy.

This is Max, fully Maximilian. A central figure in the Anarchy Reigns story, Max is a fugitive, but he was once leader of Leo and Nicoli's Strike One group. He's on the run for an undisclosed reason, and Jack and Leo, the game's two main characters, are both after him for different reasons.

Sega also shared a look at Douglass, an old warrior who's on the hunt for a mutant monsters who killed his wife and child before his eyes, and some new stage shots.

Also, our latest look at Bayonetta, showing the crossover character in an alternate color (you're free to select at the character setting screen), and one of the new moves she'll show off exclusively in Anarchy Reigns.

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