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Senran Kagura Burst Includes Senran Kagura

Play an updated version of the original in the sequel!


Were you planning on picking up Senran Kagura, easily last year's bustiest 2D side scrolling erotic ninja action game, when it gets cheap? You may want to hold off on those plans, as the game will be getting as cheap as can be soon.

Famitsu reveals this week that Senran Kagura Burst, a sequel to Senran Kagura, will include the original in full. But not just a port. Marvelous AQL is updating the original with some of the sequel's features, including the stereoscopic 3D locker room where you change your girls' clothes (the original was 2D for these sequences). The original is also seeing tuning to its visuals and gameplay to match Burst.

One of the big changes Burst offers over the original is an entirely new cast of playable characters. You play as the rivals of the original's five heroines.

Famitsu reveals this week that the five original heroines will also appear in the game. You'll encounter them in event scenes during the game's "novel part," and will learn more about the girls' pasts.

You'll also get to play a bit of Senran Kagura-style cross dressing, making the new heroines dress in the clothing of the old heroines. Of course, as Burst retains the clothing destruction component of the original, your only chance for a good look at the classic clothing may be in the 3D locker room before you head out to battle.

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