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Senran Kagura Burst Screenshot Blast

The original cast appears in the sequel. Get an updated look at the new erotic ninja clothing destruction action here.


Scantily clad busty ninja girls and their bustier, more scantily clad, ninja rivals feature in this latest batch of Senran Kagura Burst pics that appeared at Famitsu.com today.

As detailed earlier, Senran Kagura Burst will include the original Senran Kagura in full form. The original is being given some of the gameplay and visual updates from the sequel, most notably 3D stereoscopic support for the locker room, where you get to play dressup with the girls (before their clothes disintegrate during combat).

The original's cast of five playable characters will also appear in Burst. While Burst puts you in control of their rivals, the new screens show the original cast members in event scenes. Famitsu does not say if they'll have a playable role in the sequel.

Also in Famitsu.com's screens are a glimpse at the game's opening animation, which is being produced by animation studio Artland.

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