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Updated Console Dark Souls Set for October 25 Release

New PS3 package release includes PC content.

From the PC version of Dark Souls.

What does Capcom have to do with Dark Souls? Not much, but Capcom's commerce site e-Capcom posted a listing today for an unannounced version of the game.

The new version is titled "Dark Souls with Artorias of the Abyss Edition." Based off the name, this appears to be a package release combining the PS3 version of Dark Souls with the new content that is being added to upcoming PC version. Namco Bandai's international divisions recently announced that the PC version content would be released to console players as download content.

Dark Souls with Artorias of the Abyss Edition is listed at e-Capcom for October 25 release, priced ¥4,800. The low pricing suggests that the new version is being branded as a budget release with bonus content.

e-Capcom only lists a PS3 version, which makes sense, as Dark Souls was a PS3 exclusive in Japan.

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