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New Tales Social Game Announced For GREE

A card-based social RPG to go along with the Xillia 2 announcement.


Tales of Xillia 2 wasn't the only Tales game announced at Tales Festival. Namco Bandai also announced Tales of Card Evolve, its first game for the GREE social gaming platform.

Tales of Card Evolve is a "social RPG." You collect and combine cards to create the ultimate teams. You'll need to create your main party team, along with support teams and teams that will be dispatched to dungeons. The game offers over 300 character cards, all with new artwork.

Tales fans can look forward to skit events. The game will also have a story mode that recreates the scenarios of past Tales games.

Tales of Card Evolve will be available to GREE members this Summer. The game is, as always, free-to-play with item transactions. Access the official site here.

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