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Harvest Moon Creator Yasuhiro Wada Details Project Happiness

Character designs from Project Happiness

Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada has a new studio, Toybox. The studio's first game got its reveal at E3 as "Project Happiness."

Famitsu.com posted a first trailer and some commentary from Wada.

Project Happiness is in development for release on portable game systems in 2013. Toybox is developing the game. Publishing is being handled by Natsume in North America and Rising Star Games in Europe. Toybox has the Japanese rights.

Development on the game started at the end of last year. Outside of himself, the only staff member mentioned by Wada in Famitsu's interview is Atsuko Nishida, who's doing graphic design and illustration work.

The central idea of the game is to build up a shop, adding product and customers. Wada hopes to offer the simplicity of classic simulation style games. However, he does not want menu and command-based progression, like one might expect of a simulation game. He wants to make it so that even if your store gets big, you'll still see your character moving around, lining up product on the store shelves.

The area around your store will be populated with other characters. The game has about 30 core characters at this point. Initially, there will be just 10, but as your store gets bigger, characters will increase.

As one might expect given Wada's Harvest Moon roots, you'll be able to select your main character's gender. The game has a simple character making component which also allows for costume changes. You'll build up an array of costumes as you play.

Online and network components are essential to games, believes Wada. There are plenty of multiplayer, and online compatible games out there, but he'd like to offer something that makes players think, "Ahh, there's this kind of different play style." He would not share specifics beyond this.

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