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Dead or Alive 5: Screenshots and Collectors Edition Details

Your Choice: Premium Sexy Costumes or just Sexy Costumes.


Release Details leaked out earlier through various sources, but Tecmo Koei has now made formal announcement of Dead or Alive 5's release date. The Xbox 360 and PS3 fighter will be released on September 27, priced ¥8,190 in standard form.

Tecmo Koei will also release a ¥11,340 Collectors Edition. This includes an official visual book, original soundtrack CD, eight character post cards, 10 special character metal plates, and a download serial code for 12 "Premium Sexy Costumes."

The first print run of both versions will include a download serial code for "Sexy Costumes" for Ayane and Kasumi. These appear to be different from the "Premium Sexy Costumes" included with the Collectors Edition. The Collectors Edition "Premium Sexy Costumes" will also be available as paid download content following release.

Here's Kasumi's Premium Sexy Costume (the one in the Collectors Edition). Tecmo Koei will be gradually releasing pics of the other costumes.

Below, you'll find the game's E3 screenshots, which include such characters as Hitomi, Kokoro, Akira and Sarah, and the Sakura and Flow stages.

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