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First Look: Nippon Ichi's Special Reporting Division for PS Vita

Meet the staff that dares to uncover the truth behind UFO sightings and paranormal activity.


Nippon Ichi has shared first screenshots from its PlayStation Vita project Tokushuu Houdoubu. As previously reported, this game replicates the drama of a television news production room -- Tokushuu Houdoubu can be translated as "Special Reporting Division" or "Special Investigation Division."

The "special" here doesn't mean "hard" news. This particular reporting crew focuses on UFOs, aliens, ghosts and other paranormal activity.

Four characters have been introduced so far:

Ryo Yuhara

23-year-old assistant director. A new recruit from college, he started off in the regular news division, but was transferred to the Special Reporting Division due to a "certain" report. He feels that it is his duty to report the truth.

Mamoru Sumi

25-year-old assistant director. He's a mysterious man of few words. He'll always end up working with Ryo during reporting. He's good at kendo, judo and shooting. Although he doesn't talk about it much, it appears that he previously worked in a different industry.

Aya Tanahashi

25-year-old director. She's good at decision making and information gathering. In addition to directing, she also has another side as a staff reporter. She's someone Ryo looks up to.

Kaede Watari

16-year-old assistant. This high school student meets a member of the Special Reporting Division staff during a certain report and ends up taking a part time job.

Other characters waiting to be introduced (in the silhouettes below) are an announcer and producer.

What you'll do in the game isn't clear at present, so you'll have to guess from these images.

Nippon Ichi will be promoting Tokushuu Houdoubu through a web comic that will begin running on July 26 at Flex Comix. The comic will focus on an episode prior to the start of the game and will place the spotlight on each character in turn. The scenario for the comic is from the game's scenario writer.

An official site for the game will open here later today.

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