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Dragon Quest X: Packaging and a Tour Around Wena Islands


This week's batch of Dragon Quest X media comes from two sources, Square Enix and Amazon.

Amazon shared an image of the game's packaging.

Square Enix shared the latest world tour, this time focusing on Wena Islands, home of the Wedi race.

When traveling about the island chain, you'll need to move via free boat trip.

Points of attraction include the heights of Jyule Island, which appears to have giant fossilized shells, suggesting that the island was once submerged.

You'll also want to visit Cat Island, on which live only cat monsters, commanded by their boss, Cat Rebelio.

Other primary characters you'll meet on the Wena Islands include:


A boy from the village of Rein who acts as a rival of sorts to you.


A young girl who lives a lonely life in the city of Jyulet. She seems to have a secret from the other townfolk.

Prince Odis

Prince of Velnard Kingdom, the Kingdom that governs the Wena Islands.

Queen Diore

Queen of Velnard Kingdom.

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