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New PlayStation Vita Cash Back Offer at Amazon

Nearly ¥5,000 in savings when you buy a 3G Vita.


Amazon is starting a new cash back promotion for PlayStation Vita. Buy a PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi mode, a PlayStation Vita game, and a four gigabyte Memory Card, and your total will be discounted ¥3,000 plus the cost of the Memory Card. The promotion runs from today through July 31.

The last time Amazon offered a cash back promotion for Vita, a separate retailer confirmed that the program was initiated by Sony and would be implemented at other retailers later in the week. That promotion, which ran from February 15 through March 31, offered ¥2,000 cash back to those who bought a Vita 3G/Wi-Fi model and one game.

We don't have confirmation that this new promotion is Sony sanctioned, but given the similarity to the previous campaign, it does seem likely.

A Vita 4GB memory card costs ¥1,782 at Amazon (official MSRP is ¥2,200). Combined with the ¥3,000 cash back, you're getting nearly ¥5,000 cash back total.

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