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Inazuma Eleven Go VS Little Battler Experience W Hits Theaters This Winter


Level-5 is brining together two of its top franchises for a wild collaboration. Coro Coro Comics has first details Inazuma Eleven GO VS Little Battler eXperience W.

A game? Nope (well, not yet at least!). The crossover is actually a theatrical film movie, to be released in theaters in Winter 2012.

How the crossover will work is a bit unclear, but an ad in Coro Coro teases, "We're not showing the separate works simultaneously. It's a work where Tenma and Ban's worlds are completely combined in one!" (Tenma is a character from Inazuma Eleven, and Ban is from Little Battler eXperience).

Both Inazuma Eleven GO and Little Battler eXperience W will be getting games later this year, the former on 3DS and the latter on PSP.

[Via Game Jouhou]

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