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Sokuho@Hokanko has posted a more detailed summary of Famitsu's big Tales of Xillia 2 feature, which included an interview with Tales series producer Hideo Baba. Here's some of what we missed in our earlier flash report from the magazine.

Development is currently at 60%

There are still a number of unannounced details regarding gameplay and story.

The new XDR-LMBS battle system is meant to deliver the taste of Graces and Xillia

Elle is the youngest heroine in Tales history. She's also the first heroine to not take part in battle since Tales of Rebirth.

Just because Elle can't be used in battle doesn't mean you're limited to main character Rudger. During battle, you'll be able to select the party member you'd like to control. Each member has different specialties.

While Ufotable and Ayumi Hamasaki are returning for, respectively, the game's animation and theme song, they're putting in effort to make sure they exceed the original.

Kosuke Fujishima and Mutsumi Inomata, the originals' character designers, will have some involvement in the game. Baba assured that it will be something that will make fans happy.

Rudger's name has some meaning, but this is being kept secret for now.

One major difference from the original: while Xillia was a story about adventuring alongside other characters, in Xillia 2 they want you to feel like you are Rudger.

There's a major path for the story, so you won't be able to branch off into countless paths. However, you will find that the overall impression and your method for progress changes greatly depending on your choices.

The theme of "Are you prepared to destroy the world" is not just related to the story, but to the gameplay as well. The gameplay systems are made so that you'll feel the meaning of your choices.

Will you head to Liese Maxia, the setting of the original? Baba wouldn't say for sure but he did say that they're hoping to meet fan expectations and we should wait for a followup report.

The story of Xilia 2 begins in the city of Trigraf, which in addition to being home to main character Rudger, is also home to the rapidly growing Klanspia Company (we may have gotten the name wrong in our first report) . As detailed earlier, Klanspia is a major corporation that commands top share in a number of fields.

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