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Nintendo CEO Denies Wii U Hard Drive Inclusion

English transcript of analyst Q&A session appears to have contained an error.

There's still plenty of mystery about the Wii U hardware.

An official English language transcript Nintendo posted today from its E3 analysts briefing and Q&A session appeared to confirm the inclusion of a hard drive in the Wii U.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata was asked about the size of the built in Wii U hard drive. The response, as posted at the Q&A transcript (currently inaccessible) read: "We haven’t said anything about the hard drive that we’ll be including with the system itself. But we have said, through the USB connection, consumers will be able to take advantage of a wide range of the hard drives that are available in the market, and for quite cheap now, to add memory to their system however they like."

It looks like this English translation had an error. In Nintendo's Japanese Q&A transcript, accessible here, the question and most of the response are the same, but the first sentence reads: "We have not said that we will be including a hard drive with the Wii U system." The rest of the reply is the same.

Nintendo has removed the English language Q&A, so it's likely that they're fixing the issue.

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