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Little Battler eXperience W Now For PlayStation Vita

Little Battler eXperience W is a full sequel to the original Little Battler eXperience. 3DS will be getting an updated version of Little Battler eXperience Boost.

Level-5 originally announced Little Battler eXperience W just for PSP. Now it seems that a Vita version is also on the way.

An image from this week's Coro Coro Comics shows mention of a Vita version, to be released simultaneously with the PSP version.

That release is confirmed by the magazine to be on September 27. Pricing for both platforms is set at ¥4,980 in retail form and ¥4,480 as a download.

The magazine makes the distinction that all screens in its report are from the PSP version, so it's possible that Vita owners can look forward to updated visuals.

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