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Yakuza 5's Newcomer Tatsuo Shinada: Background Story and High Res Screens


Today's batch of high resolution Yakuza 5 screenshots shows newcomer Tatsuo Shinada and the game's fictional "Kineicho" region of Nagoya.

Shinada is currently living the poorman's life in Kineicho. However, things were different long ago, a time when everyone knew his name.

Fifteen years back, Shinada came up to bat in the bottom of the ninth of a 0-0 tie game between the Nagoya Wyverns and Tokyo Gigants (I don't keep up with Japanese baseball, but I'm pretty sure those names aren't real). This was his first at-bat in the pro leagues, and he slammed a sayonara home run. However, his world quickly crumbled as he was immediately accused of taking part in gambling on the game. The baseball commission ruled that he be banned from the game for life, so his baseball career ended with just one plate appearance.

In December 2012, the starting point for Yakuza 5, Shinada is running away from debt collectors. He returns home, thinking he's safe, but encounters a mysterious "masked man" Shinada is frightened, but the man relays an unexpected message to him: "I'd like you to investigate the truth behind the 9th inning home run from 15 years ago when you lost everything."

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