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Yakuza 5: Drive a Taxi as Kiryu, Dance as Haruka

Details on the game's "Another Drama" component.


In Yakuza 5, Haruka has come to Osaka to pursue her dream of becoming an idol. This week's Famitsu reveals that the game has somewhat of an Idolmaster-like production component, where you make Haruka take on daily lessons, then take part in auditions and performances via a rhythm mini game that shows Haruka dancing around as you press buttons with good timing.

Haruka's idol segment is part of the game's "Another Drama" component. Based off the few details leaking out of Famitsu, it appears that this part of the game presents side-stories for the various main characters. Haruka's Another Drama depicts the character's attempts at becoming a top idol. Shinada's involves baseball, and his confrontation with a former rival.

We're not sure of the details just yet, but it looks like Soejima's Another Drama involves survival on a snow covered mountain. Kiryu's Another Drama involves a "Taxi Battle." Yes, you will be given full control over your cab for this part, with some missions requiring that you transport passengers.

Kiryu finally changed his clothes, and all he gets to do is drive a cab.

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