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Okami HD Playable Next Week at Capcom Summer Jam

Sample the HD remaster well before the November release.


If you're lucky enough to live a trainable distance from Tokyo Big Sight, you won't have to wait until the Fall to try out Okami in HD. Famitsu's reveal article on Okami HD this week lists the game as planned for playable showing at the Capcom Summer Jam event next week. Capcom Summer Jam will be held at Big Sight on June 30 and July 1.

The summary of Famitsu's article at Sokuho does not provide much in the way of new details beyond what Capcom's US division shared earlier. The game will have 1080p visuals, Trophy support, and PlayStation Move support. You'll also be able to play without Move, of course.

Famitsu lists the game as 60% complete. As detailed earlier, in Japan the game will be released in package form on November 1, priced ¥3,990. Releases outside of Japan are as PSN downloads.

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