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Senran Kagura Burst: New Costumes and Opening Anime Pics


Senran Kagura Burst adds 3D support to the locker room where you change the clothes sported by (and eventually disintegrated from) your busty ninja heroines. To accompany the heavily requested 3D feature, the game also adds lots and lots of new costumes.

Famitsu.com shared these pics today of some of the game's school outfits, ninja outfits and swimwear.

You can freely equip your costumes with accessories, including ribbons, glasses, and what's sure to be a popular addition for Burst: a "short wig" accessory which converts any long-haired character into a short-haired one.

Famitsu.com also shared pics of the game's opening animation. Additionally, the site reports that the game's end theme will be sung by Artery Vein, featuring Asami Imai and Eri Kitamura.

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