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We have an even larger batch of screens from Yakuza 5's "Another Drama" component thanks to an update at the game's official site.

In addition to the screens, which you can see in the gallery below, the site also provides a few added details:

The drama segments have names, like Kiryu's Taxi Driver, Soejima's Hunting and Slaughter and Haruka's Road to Becoming an Idol.

In Kiryu's Taxi Driver, in addition to facing off against the Devil Killers road gang in races, you'll be able to perform Kiryu's duties as a cab driver, transporting passengers through the streets of Fukuoka. Passengers will make various requests, like drive as safely as possible, or get to the destination as fast as possible, or "follow that car!" You'll be able to customize your cab's look and performance, and also select the music that plays in the background during races.

Just one new bit about Soejima's Hunting and Slaughter: while you're out on the hunt, you'll find that the weather changes in real time.

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