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Sony Begins PlayStation Vita "AR Play" Initiative

New free AR-themed games for your Vita.


Sony is putting PlayStation Vita's AR functionality to use for a new initiative called "AR Play."

Starting June 28, Sony will offer AR play card data through a special AR Play official site. PlayStation Store will take delivery of a number of AR-based games. Print out the cards through your computer, and you'll be able to use them in the new games.

Three games will launch with the AR Play program on the 28th: Table Play Soccler, Cliff Diving and Fireworks. All three will be free. Sony promises additional titles to follow.

Also part of the AR Play initiative, Sony will be distributing pre-printed AR cards to retailers. Starting June 28, PlayStation Vita buyers will get these cards, which will be available in limited quantities.

You'll find screens and details for the three "launch" AR Play games below:

Cliff Diving

A simple sports game where you use AR cards to dive in your preferred spot.


Enjoy a variety of fireworks, tapping the touch screen to make the fireworks flash, and timing your presses to get a higher score. Compatible with online rankings.

Triple Play Soccer

A "cute" soccer game where you use AR play cards to create your very own stadium, and move figure-style players around with touch controls. The game is turn-based. Compatible with ad-hoc multiplayer for up to two players.

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