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Select Your Own Ending in Atelier Ayesha

Plus, names and details for the recent sub character reveals.


Like past Atelier games, Atelier Ayesha is a multi ending title, meaning depending on your actions you can reach different endings.

In previous Atelier games, if you met the conditions for multiple endings, the game would select one for you based off the ending's priority. This system works a bit different in Ayesha. If you have multiple endings available to do, the game will now let you select the ending you want.

Director Yoshito Okamura detailed the multi ending system and more in an interview in Dengeki PlayStation this week.

That magazine's feature also provided a look at three sub characters which we mentioned earlier today without names. The characters are:

Annie Littleton
A 26-year-old merchant who's always concerned with Ayesha.
Ranan Ets
A 25-year-old minstrel
Nanaka Gren
16-year-old little sister to Juris (introduced here). She herds cattle.

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