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Tales of Card Evolve Screens and Details

The next Tales game is a social card game.


Here's our latest look at Tales of Card Evolve, Namco Bandai's social Tales of game for GREE.

Like most social games, this one is card-based. But unlike most social games, the cards feature characters from the various Tales RPGs. Players will build a team selecting from over 300 cards, each with artwork drawn especially for the game.

In the game's story mode, you'll work through the various Tales stories. At the start of service, the game will have Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Graces, but other games will follow.

The game also has the series' trademark Face Chat Events. These are triggered when you've raised your characters' favorability rating.

Preregister for the game at this site (via your feature phone) and you'll receive a limited Yurie card. Look for that and other card pics and game screens in the gallery.

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