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Famitsu has first details this week on a new character for Tales of Xillia 2. The 28-year-old female character is named Nova and is voiced by Satomi Sato. Formerly main character Ludger's classmate, Nova now handles his debt payments.

Outside of Nova, Famitsu has details on three previously introduced characters, Alvin, Leia and Julius. Alvin and Leia return from the original Xillia. The magazine confirms the two as playable characters. As detailed a couple of weeks back, Julius is Ludger's older brother.

Famitsu also appears to have some gameplay details, including mention of greater freedom in the game's "Link Arts" system. One new element of the battle system is "Unique Link Arts." This involves combining the arts between specific allies.

Additional details should come in later in the day, so be sure and check back!

Finally, some new supporting cast members!

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