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Falcom took the silhouettes off the latest Nayuta no Kiseki characters today. Meet Professor Valance and his research staff, Shiram and Kolon.

In addition to conducting research into ruins, Valance opened the museum on Nayuta's home island. Shiram seres as the receptionist at the museum. Kolon is Shiram's little twin sister.

You'll get to populate Valance's museum with items that you collect while out on your adventure. Over 100 items, including bugs, fish, gems and more, can be found around the world. Take them to the museum, and you'll be able to exchange them for money and special items.

Falcom also shared details on the game's "Gear Craft" system. Gear Crafts are special cooperative abilities that Nayuta and partner character Noi can perform together. They can be used not only to attack enemies during battle, but also to clear obstacles in the fields.

Examples include Gear Shield and Gear Hold. For Gear Shield, you press and hold R. A blue light will surround Nayuta and protect from enemy attacks, poison fields and other dangerous elements. For Gear Hold, you press and hold the jump button. Nayuta will be able to hang and move between gears in the air, allowing for progression over deep caverns.

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