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New Initial D Leads Sega's Arcade Lineup

Guilty Gear, Sengoku Taisen, Under Night In-Birth and more shown.


Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AA X was the big game at Sega's annual summer arcade private show today. The racing sequel features two additional courses, bringing its course total up to 14, and seven cars, bringing its car total up to 43. This latest Initial D hits arcades some time this year.

Other games, both from Sega and its publishing partners, on display at the event included the latest version of Sengoku Taisen 1582 (Fall 2012), World Club Champion Football Intercontinental Clubs 2011-2012 (Winter 2012), Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R (Fall 2012), Game Center Love (Fall 2012) and Under Night In-Birth (Fall 2012).

Look below for screens. For pics from the event, visit Famitsu.com.

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