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Street Fighter x Tekken Character Download Content Screens

New characters, collaboration costumes and arrange costumes on the way.


If you were keeping up with news out of the EVO 2012 fighting event from the weekend, you might have heard that Capcom announced a final release date of July 31 for Street Fighter x Tekken's downloadable characters and collaborative costumes. The publisher made a more official announcement today, complete with screenshots.

The new character pack adds 12 characters to the game. Pricing is set at ¥2,000 on PS3 and 1,600 MSP on Xbox 360.

Capcom will also offer a set of twelve collaborative costumes on the 31st. These will be sold individually at ¥100/80MSP.

New arrange costumes are also on the way, although we're not sure of the release date. Here are a couple of sample images.

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