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Sol Trigger Battle Video and Imageepoch CEO Commentary


Imageepoch released a first battle trailer for its PSP RPG swan song Sol Trigger. View the footage below.

CEO Ryoei Mikagei also made a post at the JRPG blog today sharing various details on the game. Among the points mentioned in his post:

  • You can skip movie scenes and speed through messages
  • The game has 7th Dragon's double speed battle mode where you can hold down a button to speed through battle animations
  • If you don't want to bother with the weaker enemies, you can make use of the game's auto battle system
  • In an effort to reduce the steps for purchasing and equipping equipment, they've included a "Character Simultaneous Equipment Screen." Mikage didn't say what this is
  • The "Sol" part of the Sol Trigger is one of the game's main systems. We'll get details on that in Mikage's next column next week

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