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You Be the Master and I'll Be the Servant Being Ported to PSP

Adult PC game coming to PSP with new opening.


Minato Station is readying a PSP port of its adults-only PC adventure game You Be the Master and I'll Be the Servant, or as it's known in Japanese, Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de, or as its sometimes known in English, They Are My Noble Masters.

Originally released for the PC in May 2007, Kimiaru follows the exploits of Ren and his sister Mihato, who fail to find work upon arriving in the city and are forced to become servants to the three sisters of the Kuonji family mansion. The PC version was brought to the PS2, minus the adult content, in 2008, coinciding with an anime adaptation.

Famitsu reveals that the PSP version will have new event CG, a new opening movie, an "escape" mini game, and other new features. PSP owners can look forward to Kimiaru this Fall, priced ¥6,279 in standard form and ¥8,190 as a limited edition.

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