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Escape From Zombie City in Tom Create's New 3DS Action Title

The earth's mantle has slowed, and the dead have risen.


Tom Create's latest 3DS download title is Escape! Zombie City.

This overhead action title is set in the year 20XX as slowing mantle movements weaken the Earth's magnetic field. The planet is bathed in cosmic radiation, and -- of course -- the dead rise from their graves.

The zombie kind take over the city and quickly wipe out the army. To end the zombie infestation once-and-for-all, the government announces a massive missile strike at dawn.

Playing as a soldier trapped in the city, your goal is to escape before the missiles strike. You move your character around with the slide pad, and attack with Y. And that's it! The game offers three difficulty settings, a story mode with over 90 stages, and a 10 missions "Endless Mode," where your ammo is unlimited.

Escape! Zombie City hits the 3DS e-Shop on the 18th, priced ¥400. Access the official site here. (Tip: click on the "story" section for a movie).

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