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Miss Yakuza 5 Girls Crowned

Meet the girls who will appear in the next Yakuza game.


Sega held final auditions to crown the five Miss Yakuza 5 girls at a press event at the newly renovated Tokyo Joyopolis today. The fifteen finalists, three from each of the game's five cites, took to the stage to introduce themselves and show off their dresses of varying levels of formality and shortness.

The winning girls are:

Sapporo: Mami Yamashita

24 years old, actress

Tokyo: Yuiko Kan

27 years old, talent/actress/model

Nagoya: Miki Murai

22 years old, pachinko information clerk (she works at a pachinko parlor in Nagoya)

Osaka: Nanako Kodama

24 years old, talent

Rena Nanami

26 years old, waitress

The girls will promote Yakuza 5 through television commercials and other promotional activities, and will also be digitized for appearance in the game. Different from past Yakuza girls, their roles in the game will not be as hostesses.

Most of the girls cried at today's audition. See Famitsu.com and for pics.

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