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Sony Halts Sales of New PS3 DVR Kit Nasne One Day Before Release

Followup to Torne may have last minute bugs.


Sony's Torne followup product Nasne won't see its scheduled release tomorrow. Retailer Famicom Plaza is reporting that Sony has suddenly put a hold on the product.

While Famicom Plaza has not received specifics, the retailer speculates that Sony may have discovered a bug in the product and will be fixing this before announcing a new release date. Current stock that has shipped to retailers will be sent back to Sony.

Nasne as first announced in April as a successor to the popular Torne DVR kit. While Torne converted PlayStation 3 into a DVR, Nasne is a more general network recorder and media storage that can interface with and share content between multiple devices, including PS3, PS Vita, Vaio, Sony Tablet and Xperia. The ¥16,980 device includes a 500 gigabyte hard drive.

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