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Sony's Nasne Release Delay Due To Broken Hard Drives


Retailers broke word early yesterday of a sudden halt in Sony Computer Entertainment's plans to release its new Nasne network video recording device. The device had been scheduled for release today (7/19).

SCE has since issued a statement explaining the situation. The company says that the internal 500 gigabyte hard drive in some units were damaged during shipment from the factory. The damage occurred after quality assurance tests had been conducted, so Sony has to reinspect all units.

A new release date will be announced when available, said SCE.

The device's release was scheduled to be accompanied by a firmware update to version 1.50. This has also been delayed until the product ships.

Nasne is a followup to the popular Torne PlayStation 3 DVR kit. Unlike Torne, Nasne is a general device that can interface with not just PlayStation 3, but tablets, smartphones and computers as well.

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