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Square Enix and Witch Craft Release iOS RPG Star Burial Dragnir


A new Square Enix RPG is available for iOS today. The third entry under the company's SiSiLaLa Overdrive label, Star Burial Dragnir is an RPG from Witch Craft, makers of Maho Shojo Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable on PSP.

Set in the world of Iglen, which has come under the attack of the Vasago, players take control of the last hope for mankind, a dragon knight called Alan Rolan and his dragon, Murasame. The game does away with standard command battles in place of a unique battle system where you influence Murasame's attacks.

The game is split into five chapters along with one free prologue chapter. You'll find a trailer for the prologue below. For trailers for the other chapters, see Square Enix's YouTube channel.

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