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Nintendo Sees Lower Losses in First Quarter

Hardware and software targets remain unchanged.


Nintendo's first quarter (ending June 30, 2012) earnings report shows lower losses compared to the prior year. While net sales dropped from 93,298 million yen to 84,813 million yen, operating losses dropped from 37,712 million to 10,331 million. Net losses dropped from 25,516 million yen to 17,231 million yen.

3DS managed 1.86 million unit sales worldwide during the period, with the company describing sales in Japan as "robust." The newly released Mario Tennis Open joined long sellers like Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 to bring total 3DS software sales to 7.39 million units.

DS sold 0.54 million hardware units. Pokemon Black & White 2 sold 2.45 million units, boosting total DS software sales do 8.48 million units.

Wii sold 0.71 million units. Mario Party 9 contributed to total software sales of 8.47 million units.

3DS continues to be a negative margin hardware, meaning Nintendo loses money on each unit sold. However, the profitability of the system is improving, the company said.

Nintendo's hardware and software forecasts for the current fiscal year remain unchanged from the figures announced in April. See this story for specifics. The Wii figures include Wii U.

View Nintendo's full earnings report here.

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