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Square Enix Details Dragon Quest X Promotional Plans

The return of SMAP!

Horii at the DQX completion ceremony. Photo from V Jump's Twitter.

Dragon Quest X may be the first fully online Dragon Quest game, but Square Enix is treating it just like any other DQ games when it comes to launch promotions. The game's August 2 launch has two familiar keywords: SMAP and Tsutaya.

SMAP will appear in the game's commercials, which begin airing tomorrow. The popular music group has served a similar role on past DQ games. Today's completion ceremony event, where the promotional campaign was announced, was MCed by SMAP's Takuya Kimura.

As it has for previous DQ releases, Shibuya Tsutaya will host the game's official opening event. This will be held on August 2 at 7:00AM.

The game's servers will also go live at 7:00AM on August 2.

Square Enix also has tie-up items on the way, including DQX figures and plushies, accessories, and even a "Slime" flavored gum from Lotte.

The pictures on this page are from V Jump's Twitter.

The very thick official Dragon Quest X strategy guide, priced ¥1,200.
Yes, Slime flavored gum.

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