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First Look: CyberConnect2's Guilty Dragon

New iOS and Android free-to-play RPG from the makers of Naruto and .hack.


First screens of CyberConnect2's iOS and Android fantasy RPG Guilty Dragon debuted at Famitsu.com today.

Guilty Dragon's background story is centered on an old temple on an island. The temple contains the remains of the relief of the "Tsumiryuu." A great calamity sent eight fragments of the Tsmumiryuu relief scattered throughout the world. It's said that those who can restore the relief will be given the power to unite the world.

You play as an adventurer who's out to accomplish that task. Along the way, you'll face off in battle where you make use of "units" that you've collected on your adventure. You'll also be able to create a custom character, setting gender, hair type, face and more. To obtain weapons and other forms of equipment, you'll need to face off against other players in battle.

Guilty Dragon will be released through Namco Bandai this Summer.

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