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EX Troopers: Frontier Base Screenshots

A tour around the two main bases in Capcom's Lost Planet spinoff.


In Capcom's Lost Planet offshoot EX Troopers, "Frontier Gate" is the name of the oldest base in operation by the Academy. This base conducts expansions into forests and marine areas, and also does investigations into the AK aliens. Its operator is WIZ Alpha, the oldest management AI amongst all the Academy bases.

Capcom previously introduces us to Advance Base, the base for new trainees. Advance Base is the Academy's most recent base on EDN-3rd, and serves as a port for shuttles. Run by WIZ Gamma, this is where you're first assigned when you arrive on EDN-3rd.

The screens of Advance Base are a bit old, but in case you missed them, take a look below.

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