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First Look: Gamearts' Picotto Knights for PlayStation Vita

Four players can team up for online hack-and-slash action in free-to-play title.


NHN has opened an official site for Picotto Knights, Gamearts' new free-to-play side scrolling online action title for PlayStation Vita. The site provides first screenshots, which you can see below, and additional details.

The background story involves the player downloading a game called "Picotto Knight" and being transported to Planet Pico, home of a mysterious life form known as Cocoroids. An apprentice knight named Picosuke asks you to help save the planet from the demo king.

You play as a Cocoroid. You can customize your character in various ways, and select from eight weapon types: blade, spear, axe, hammer, claw, chakram, rod and bowgun.

The game can be played in online multiplayer with four players teaming up, or you can play solo, teaming up with CPU-controlled versions of your friends' players. During online play, the game can be made to match you up with like-leveled players, or you can choose to play without level limits.

A first video of Picotto Knight will debut at Famitsu.com either tomorrow or the day after.

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