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Picotto Knights Screens and Gameplay Details

The full control scheme of Gamearts' latest Vita title revealed!


NHN Japan and GungHo made official announcement today of Picotto Knights, the latest PlayStation Vita title from Dokuro and Ragnarok Odyssey developer Gamearts. Joining the announcement were some new screenshots, which you can see below.

4Gamer captured this picture of the game's control scheme at a press demo event that NHN held for the game today:

Square performs a weak attack. Press repeatedly to perform a combo. Triangle performs a strong attack. You can connect from a weak attack for a character specific action. Circle is guard, and X is jump. Character movement is through the analogue pad. L and R pressed with square, triangle, circle or x perform skills.

The game does have some touch controls. Skills can be triggered not just with the L/R triggers, but by tapping a skill icon on the screen. The rear touch pad can be used to rotate your character model in the home menu and, during gameplay, make a marker appear indicating the position of your character.

Producer Masato Dobashi spoke to the press at the event and revealed that GungHo first spoke with NHN about the game about one year ago. The game had already been planned for the Vita at the time.

As detailed yesterday, Picotto Knights is free to play, with revenues generated through item sales. The game has full online support, with four players teaming up for cooperative play. Solo players can draft their friends' characters for their battle party.

We mentioned an August release time frame yesterday, but NHN's announcement today listed the game as date TBA.

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