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AKB1/153 Announced For PS Vita and PSP

One hundred fifty three idols will confess their love. Only one will survive.


When 48 girls just isn't enough, Namco Bandai's next entry in the AKB1/48 series will give you the chance to experience sweet love and bitter rejection with a full 153 girls. Titled AKB1/153 Love Election, this third entry in the series will be released for PSP and, for the first time, PS Vita on December 20.

The first two PSP AKB1/48 games were love sims that put players in a dream situation of having all 48 members of girl group AKB48 be madly in love with them. The girls would confess their love in succession, and you'd have to reject them until you came to your one true love.

AKB1/153 features all the girls from AKB48. This time, they're joined by members of sister groups SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48. The premise is the same: all 153 girls have the hots for you, and you'll have to reject all but one.

Like the AKB1/48 games, AKB1/153 features portraits and videos of the girls. The total video time is the highest for the series. There so much video that the PSP version ships on two UMDs. (The Vita version is just one card.)

Namco Bandai is going all-out with the packaging for AKB1/153. Both versions will ship in standalone form for ¥7,329 (a download version will also be available) and as part of a limited edition priced ¥14,679. The limited edition includes a set of 10 pictures, download content codes, a special box, and ten "making" DVDs: four for AKB48 totaling 400 minutes of footage, three for SKE48 totaling 300 minutes, two for NMB48 totaling 200 minutes and one for HKT48 totaling 100 minutes.

Total shipments for the AKB1/48 series have topped 800,000, Namco Bandai also said today.

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