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Sakura-so no Pet na Kanojo Conversion Announced for Vita and PSP


Kadokawa Games and ASCII Media Works are developing a game adaptation of Sakura-so no Pet na Kanojo, a light novel and soon-to-be anime from Keeji Mizoguchi. We're used to seeing ASCII and Dengeki light novel adaptations on PSP. This time, Kadokawa is targeting both PSP and Vita.

The original light novel version of Sakura-so no Pet na Kanojo tells the story of Sorata Kanda, a first year high school student who gets into trouble because he takes care of a cat in his dorm room. He's told to either get rid of the cat, or get out of the dorm. He opts for the latter choice and ends up residing at the terrible Sakura House. When the school year begins, world famous manga artist, and the story's heroine, Mashiro Shiina comes to stay at Sakura House too.

The game adaptation's genre is listed at the newly opened official site as "game production simulation and love adventure." Development is being handled by Netchubiyori.

A release is planned for Spring 2013.

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