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Little Battler eXperience W Has Cross Platform Play on Vita and PSP


If you're a Little Battler eXperience fan, you'll be able to pick up the PlayStation Vita version of W without concerns about not being able to play with PSP players. Level-5 announced today that the Vita and PSP versions of the game will have cross platform play -- a first for the systems.

Both versions support six player combat and three player co-op play.

The true Little Battler eXperience sequel hits PSP and Vita on September 27, priced ¥4,980 at retail and ¥4,480 as a download.

Level-5 also shared the game's packaging visual and detailed some of the bonus items. The first print run includes a data pasword for Uchuu Eiyuu Perseus S and an original mascot figure for either Icarus Zero or Icarus Force (you'll get one at random).

Those with save data from the original Little Battler eXperience will get a special Achilles. Those with save data from Little Battler eXperience Boost will get a special Epsilon.

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