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PlayStation Vita Firmware 1.8 Hits on August 28

Play your classic PlayStation games on the Vita at last!

Cross Controller support arrives with Firmware 1.8.

Coinciding with announcements made at Germany's Gamescom event earlier today, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has shared details on PlayStation Vita's version 1.80 firmware update, which will be available for download on August 28.

This update includes the following features:

  • Support for PlayStation titles
  • Some functionality for such areas as the home screen, the video player, the music player, and the settings screen can be controlled via the system's buttons
  • The video player will support playback at different speeds, rewind and forward, and repeat
  • The music player will be able to play back playlists from your PS3 or iTunes
  • The Remote Play LiveArea space will have an icon for Cross Controller. This lets you control PS3 software with your Vita.

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