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PlayStation Mobile Kicks Off This Fall

Open development platform to launch with 30 titles, downloadable through PlayStation Store.


Sony Computer Entertainment said today that it will begin its full PlayStation Mobile program this Fall. The service will kick off with some 30 first and third party titles, downloadable through PlayStation Store.

Formerly known as PlayStation Suite, PlayStation Mobile is an open development platform whose content can be played on PlayStation Vita as well as any "PlayStation Certified" device.

The platform previously had the support of 56 companies from Japan and Europe. Today, Sony said that 29 companies from America will join the list.

Sony will also be offering a PlayStation Mobile SDK to potential developers. Developers who have signed up for a 99 USD annual license can distribute the content they create on the SDK easily through PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Certified device support also saw a boost today. ASUSTeK Computer and WikiPad will be producing PlayStation Certified devices.

With the start of availability of PlayStation Mobile content through PlayStation Store, Sony will cease offering PlayStation games for PlayStation Certified devices. Retro PlayStation downloads were one of the first offerings for PlayStation Suite. The titles will be pulled the same day PlayStation Mobile launch.

Access the PlayStation Mobile portal site here.

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