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Hot Shots Golf 6 Supports 1080p

Latest on the PS3 port of the Vita launch title.


Just a couple of additional bits about the PlayStation 3 version of Hot Shots Golf 6, via Famitsu and Famitsu flying getter Sokuho.

The PS3 version will support 1080p -- a first for the series -- and will allow for Move-based swinging.

The PS3 version will have the following download content from the Vita version: Erica, Gloria (with cosplay items), Mt. Sakura Country Club and Mar Cielo Golf Course.

As detailed earlier, the PS3 version adds two new modes: Slot Mode and Everyone's Short Course. In Slot Mode, you spin a roulette which determines the rules. Everyone's Short Course gives you courses comprised entirely of short holes.

Other new features for the PS3 include adjusted difficulty and new tournaments to the challenge mode. Online play on the PS3 supports four players.

PS3 and Vita owners can compete via Cross Play, which works with the game's lobbies, tournaments, ranking and daily national tournament modes.

The PS3 version of Hot Shots Golf 6 is due for release on November 22.

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